Do It Yourself….Or Don’t

Some recent painting projects:

  1. This one was from back in June, inspired by Nesting Place and a can of spray paint…this little yellow chair for my sewing desk:
  2. Everything in our house, especially the little family room off of the kitchen, was brown – walls, floors, couch, bricks, etc.  So I started painting some of the furniture white, like a little side table, and this chair, which my mom bought me from an antique store for my birthday: (I wish I would have gotten a before photo, but it was brown with a brown and pink seat covering.)
  3. Next I tackled the bricks, inspired by all of the lovely photos of whitewashed bricks on Pinterest, like here and here and here.  I didn’t want to completely cover up the brick – I just wanted to lighted it up a little. Using this post as my guidline, I ordered some milk paint from this website, and set to work.   Here is the before: fireplace before
  4. The milk paint, which I watered down to the thickness of skim milk, got a lot whiter as it dried, so it was kind of hard to tell if I was applying it consistently, but in the end, i don’t think it mattered too much if it was a little whiter in some places than others.  I thought it added to the charm. After: fireplace afterIt really, REALLY brightened things up and made me feel a whole lot better about the room.  It’s really true what they say about being affected by the colors you’re surrounded with. It took a little courage to jump in and do it, mostly because I was afraid I’d hate it, but it was worth the plunge.  And it really didn’t take very long – probably a few hours at most. I painted it in little sessions over three days or so.
  5. And, here’s the “don’t”: IMG_1701Don’t try to apply latex paint directly to laminate wood.  Hello, I know that I should have known this.  My painter-husband gave me a big I Told You So look.  I was too lazy to prime, when i went to put the shelves on the paint came right off.  I’m not sure what to do with this shelf at this point; the shelves actually don’t fit anymore because of the layers of paint, and I saw a shelf at Target that was this size (already white) on sale for only $2 more than what I paid for this one at the junk store. ugh. Live and learn.  Several people have recommended chalk paint to avoid priming in the future.  But in this case, if I’m going to leave the house to go to a store to buy the chalk paint, I think I will probably just buy the white shelf instead…..

3 thoughts on “Do It Yourself….Or Don’t

  1. Lovely! I want to do the same thing to our fireplace but haven’t gotten around to it yet. . . . I spray painted a little side table recently but the paint didn’t stick very well. Did you sand or prime bf spray painting your chair?

    1. Jill

      Thanks, Laura! I didn’t do anything to the chair before I painted it. It was kind of risky, I know, but since I only paid $2 for it, I didn’t have much invested in it to begin with.
      I used Rustoleum 2X ultra-cover spray paint, which I think might have a primer mixed in it. It had great coverage!
      Good luck!

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