Suddenly My Calendar is Full

I was going to post a lengthy, newsy post about how we’ve been spending our early Springtime, but I kept getting interrupted, and then I just gave up after awhile.  I was waiting for a phonecall this morning from Joannie, who said she had the morning off so she could talk.

Finally at 11:30 I got tired of waiting (she’s an hour behind) and called her.

“Have you finally rolled out of bed? haha,”  I asked.

We chatted about the great weather and she asked about the boys.  They were playing in the backyard and I was having trouble with them wandering off or trying to go next-door to pester the neighbors.

“I have an idea of how to keep them back there…it’s ingenious.”

“I’ll come and play with them.”
“Okay, haha – when do you want to come?”  i didn’t take her seriously because we’re always joking about how we’ll just come on over and visit or have dinner together.

“How about right now?”

And then she walked around the corner of the house into the backyard!

So Joannie’s here for the weekend!  Yea!  Turns out everyone knew but me – and I had NO idea!



6 thoughts on “Suddenly My Calendar is Full

  1. That is the BEST THING EVER. I’m totally jealous though… ask Joannie if she can plan that trick at my house sometime! Have a fun time, all of you!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jill

      actually she told me she originally planned to come home for the weekend and show up on your doorstep! you’ll have to give her trouble for changing her mind!

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